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Become an Agent

Working with Boody.

If you love Boody and would like to start spreading the word and selling to your local network of friend, family and contacts why don’t you consider becoming an agent?

It works very simply: To become an agent you buy a selection of Boody products direct from us at a reduced rate of only £148.50 for over £300 worth of the best selling Boody products, so that you have stock to show and tell. This includes leaflets to get you started!

It’s up to you how you sell to your network, you could host parties and events to display the products and you then place the orders with us using your unique code that gives you a 40% discount which you can pass on, your guests get 10% and therefore you make 30% commission!

To buy your Agent Package click here now to place your order.

Placing Carousels in Local Businesses
If you are interested in placing a Boody carousel in local pharmacies, organic stores, health food shops etc and receiving 10% commission on placing the carousel and then a further 10% for ongoing sales then please contact us below:

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